Government Gateway Scam Warning

Oct 24, 2013   //   by Ralph   //   Latest News, Scam Warnings

One of our clients today received an email claiming to be from the Government Gateway and explaining what the Gateway is.  It included a link to the H M Revenue and Customs website and an attachment called ‘Government Gateway Reg’.

This is a two-pronged attack by hackers designed to infect your computer with a virus and to collect personally identifiable information by tricking you into entering your data into a fake website.

You should only receive an email from the Gateway if you have very recently registered and not as a result of anything that we have done.  If you do register, you will not be asked to download a form from the email.  If you receive any emails from H M Revenue and Customs that you are uncertain about, contact H M Revenue and Customs to check.  The best place to find the correct number to call, depending on the type of tax involved, is to go directly to the H M Revenue and Customs website which can be found if you type into your search bar.  You will also find that their site has a useful section under News and Updates which gives Security advice and some examples of current scam emails.

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