HMRC / Companies House Scam Warning

Aug 4, 2016   //   by Ralph   //   Scam Warnings

A fresh wave of scams are currently doing the rounds.  These include emails reminding you to claim your tax refund and trying to pressure you to do it before time runs out, supplying you with a link to create a government gateway account (which links to a false form to steal your information) and phone calls claiming to be from H M Revenue and Customs threatening legal action.If you receive an email that purports to be from any institution with whom you have a financial relationship, including HMRC, Companies House or your bank/credit card issuer, DO NOT click on any links or open any attachments.Should you suspect that the institution may have a need to speak to you about any issue, visit their official website or call the telephone number printed on your statement or official correspondence.

If you’ve been contacted by H M Revenue and Customs or Companies House and you are in any doubt as to the information given or asked for, call us and check the position. You can find Companies House fraud warnings here, and HMRC offer online security advice here. Neither Companies House nor HMRC will email you asking you to click on links to log into your online accounts.

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