Telephone Scam Warning

Aug 4, 2016   //   by Ralph   //   Scam Warnings

Scammers are targeting small business owners attempting to gain credit/debit card details over the telephone. In the report we have received the caller identified himself as “Dave from the Accountants” and said that he needed to take a payment over the phone to “bring down the bill a bit” as it was approaching the client’s credit limit. He went on to say that if the bill wasn’t brought down the accountant would have to stop work on the accounts until the bill was settled and this could lead to penalties for late submissions. The caller was very plausible and conversational and it is easy to see how a busy business owner could be taken in.

If you are contacted in this way please do not give your credit or debit card details over the telephone and call us on 01978 264846 (Wrexham) or 01691 654246 (Oswestry). If there is a genuine issue with your account you can then be sure that you are speaking with a representative of TA Gittins & Company and we will work with you to resolve any problem.

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