Project Evaluation and Capital Raising

Project Evaluation

Undertaking a new project can be exciting. You have a great idea and you’re sure that it’s going to be very profitable for your business.

However, you’re unsure of how the various taxes might interact to affect your project, possibly rendering it financially unviable, or simply want an unbiased, independent view of the potential impact on your business.

T A Gittins & Company can undertake a completely independent review of your plans to ensure that the project is viable and to advise on the financial implications to your cashflow, tax liability and the long-term financial health of your business.

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Capital Raising

Raising the capital investment that you need to help your business to grow can be extremely challenging.  It may be that your bank doesn’t share your vision, or that potential backers are insisting upon taking a controlling interest in your Company before they’ll invest.

Our extensive network of contacts (both on and off the High Street) may be able to help you to find the capital that you need.

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