Forensic Accountancy & Litigation Support

Forensic Accountancy

Sometimes the financial records of a Company can become corrupted, as a result of fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation or misuse of Company funds.  In such cases, unravelling a “money trail” to establish the facts can be complex.

It may also be that you are considering buying or investing in a Company and don’t trust that existing reports or accounts give a true picture of it’s financial standing, or you’ve become involved with a charitable group with incomplete or unclear records.

T A Gittins & Company have considerable experience in the practice of Forensic Accountancy, helping people in these situations to clarify when money has been transferred away from, paid into or withdrawn from Company accounts, and our findings are admissable as evidence in Court.



Becoming embroiled in any situation which may require you to attend Court to give evidence about the financial dealings of your Company can be time consuming and stressful.

T A Gittins & Company can provide litigation support to our clients, whether it’s to prove that disputed payments have been made, establish actual monetary losses where a business has been forced to temporarily cease trading (in the event of insurable events such as fire, theft or flood) or to provide evidence in the event of allegations of wrongdoing on the part of a business owner or people in his employment.

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